Standard Rates for Assignments, Consultancy and Advice

Interim Management £800/day
Consultancy £600/day
Advice via telephone or email £80/hour

Rates exclude vat, travel and other assignment related expenses.
Daily rates can be applied in minimum blocks of half days if appropriate.
Fixed and/or maximum price projects can be undertaken subject to agreeing objectives, success criteria and terms.

Please note that I fully accept:
  • The rates ARE negotiable and can be staged
    depending on your circumstances.
    I may work for much less for a good cause/challenge
  • You may want to make a small part of any fee dependant
    on specific outcomes achieved
  • Fee construction may be desirable/possible as a mixture of equity
    and cash - or anything that works for both you and me!
  • I don't expect you to pay for any technical training I may need to undertake to fulfil the assignment

and last, but not least, 

I'm always prepared be at least as fair, reasonable and flexible as you are!