Ready to ask for money to invest in your business?

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Stop your request being ignored, dismissed out of hand, or worse...

You know for yourself how it is.
Remember when someone you'd never met before, or even someone close to you, approached you to ask for some money? Maybe with some sort of explanation, maybe without?
Remember how you felt? What you thought? What you said? What you did?

Well, depending on your experience, the good or bad news is that what you felt and thought is pretty much how any any individual, organisation, or government department reacts to being asked for money to invest in a business for the first time.
Whether you get listened to, taken seriously, dismised, ignored, laughed at, or possibly even blacklisted, depends on how and what you say when you ask for money to invest in your business.

The good news for you is that this ebook will show you what you need know to successfully ask for money to invest in your business.

How much better would it be if you knew what the person you're about to approach
wants and needs to know in order to make it easy to say yes to you?

This ebook has been written to deliver exactly that knowledge to you.
Based on many years of personal experience of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners and managers to successfuly apply for all types of funding, it is written as a concise, no-nonsense, jargon-free reference guide of the common questions and issues raised by all kinds of investor.

The revelations in the book prepare you to ask for,and have an increased chance of gettiing, money to invest in your business, from family members through to venture capitalists.

Why should you buy it?

There are five good reasons why you should buy this book:
  1. You will learn
  2. You will save
  3. You will gain
  4. You will inherit
  5. You will lose
What you'll learn

You'll learn why and what will make it more likely that lenders and/or investors will give you their cash!

You'll learn the important, often overlooked, and unspoken questions that  lenders  and investors really want to have answered when they're asked to look at a proposition.

You'll learn what questions you'll need to address, or be prepared to answer, to get past the initial screening and resistance you'll encounter when first engaging with a wide range of potential lenders or investors.

Most importantly you'll learn how to be able to avoid making a very common initial, and fatal, approach of something like...

"Can you give me some money to fund my business project?"

and instead say something much more likely to succeed, such as...

"I'm looking for a 3 year loan of £20,000 to buy new machinery for my 10 year old established manufacturing business so that it can continue to grow by exporting it's latest widget to Australia to fulfil existing and impending orders, and increase sales from £100,000 to £200,000 within 2 years."

What you'll save
You'll save on your time by having a quick reference guide as to what questions you should be able to answer before approaching any potential lender or investor about financing, or even providing other valuable resources.

You'll save time on preparing any business plans that any lender or investor may require.

You'll also save thousands of pounds in potential professional/consultancy fees by being prepared for what you may need to think about, and what you may need help to answer, before engaging any professional advisors (including the likes of me!). This ebook could reduce any professional/consultancy bill by two to ten days, or more. Just think what two days less fees of an accountant is worth, let alone 10 or 20!

What you'll gain
Respect and credibility.
You'll be more confident, be better prepared, and increase your chances of success, when approaching potential lenders and investors using whatever appropriate format, media and tools either you, or they, choose.

What you'll inherit
To be ready for whenever you want to exploit an opportunity, you'll inherit the wisdom, knowledge and experience gained through years of helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs, business owners and managers to prepare themselves and their plans to successfuly attract funds for their business.

What you'll lose
Assuming you take notice of the content...

You'll lose the fear, uncertatinty and doubt about making a viable and credible request for investment that's likely to succeed.

You'll lose the risk of having your request being ignored, dismissed out of hand, or worse.
All For less than the cost of a round of drinks or a packet of cigarettes
(in the UK at least!)

(Isn't realising your business ambition worth this tiny investment?)

Buy it NOW
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Because you and the success of your business are worth it.

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